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December 21, 2015



Our recent trip to Bangladesh was different from any other trip abroad I've been on. First off, Della Mae didn't go with the US State department, though we did get to spend some time with Foreign Service workers and perform at the US Embassy Dhaka. We ended up being...

November 23, 2015



Guyana, 2015


As the crow flies Majuro, Marshall Islands to Georgetown, Guyana spans about 1/3 of the globe. It took three days and 10,000 miles but we finally stumbled onto the humid Guyanese tarmac late on the night of 10/15. We arrived to our hotel rooms past midni...

November 6, 2015

The early morning is filled with sound as I lie in the darkness of my room. Not only do I hear the insistent cackle of the rooster but also for the first time in my life I am hearing the Muslim “call to prayer”. Every morning and several times during the day since we’v...

November 6, 2015


Today was another heartbreaking/heartwarming day, the kind that we have experienced many times over on our travels through Central Asia. Not only was it a day off for us tired souls of Della Mae but also we were able to use our free time to travel to a shop in Dushanb...

November 6, 2015

“Do you know how to play Justin Bieber songs?”

In 43 days of travel throughout Central and South Asia, this was the question we got asked the most. In case you were wondering, the answer is no. Della Mae, the all female bluegrass band I perform with plays traditional an...

November 6, 2015



The thirtieth country that I had the pleasure of traveling to was none other than the sparsely populated and tiny Marshall Islands. The capitol, Majuro, bobs in the middle of the Pacific with enough room for an airplane to land astride a 30 mile road. Approximately 7...

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